Songs, songfights and Albums A Day


Some links, in no particular order.

Tom7's Album A Day project got me started songwriting on a regular basis.

Glenn Case's AAD Keeping the Doctor away introduced me to:

Songfight! and its forums.

Also Glenn introduced me to Somesongs (now defunct). Songfighter Lunkhead made SomeSongsJava, which is still online.

Then Glenn started a project to list all his 10.000 favorite songs, and invited people to join; that resulted in my own 10k songs blog.

I built a few guitars, and documented the builds on TDPRI. They're called Tuuurderbird (Guild Thunderbird copy), Tryggvecaster, Teiscocaster, Double Uncut and Grannycaster. I want to build a bass guitar yet, and there is a twelve string Tuuurderbird that I have to start building yet.

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