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Some info on the tools I use to record stuff. Computerwise I use an Apple MacBook Pro with Garageband. I got a two channel Behringer mixing console, and a Shure SM58 and two cheapo RadioShack mics. There's a Fender Bullet practise guitar amp and a Hartke 30w bass amp. For keyboard parts I use an M-Audio 49keys USB controller.

Yamaha FG140

A 1970s red label Yamaha FG140, that I bought around 1990 for about $17. It's got this great full bassy sound, and it's been my main acoustic ever since.


This is my home built Tele copy, called Tryggvcaster because of the IKEA planks the body consists of. The guitar parts on Rotten Lady are done with this guitar for example.


The first bass I ever owned. It's a Rockson JazzBass copy from the 1980s. Called bananabass because of the color and the shape of the neck. Sounds great though!

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